Thursday, June 07, 2012

Our days are numbered

No, Harold Camping isn't up to his old trick of predicting the end of the world. I was just fascinated yesterday when I noted the date was 6/6/12, because six plus six equals 12. I thought it was pretty profound and pointed it out to several of my co-workers. None of them seemed to share my enthusiasm about this phenomenon or see any significance in it at all.

Technically it isn't as impressive when you think of it as 6/6/2012, because six plus six doesn't equal 2,012 unless you were taught math in Arkansas. But 6/6/12 just reeks of profundity.

Oh, it's no 6/6/76 (which was the day the movie The Omen debuted in theaters...I saw it on that day so I know this is a fact).  The movie producers were trying to play off the significance of the mark of the devil (666). They kind of glossed over the seven in 6/6/76.

I suppose you can read something in just about every date if you play with the numbers long enough. Calendars are a bit ludicrous anyway if you think about it. They are a vain attempt to quantify something infinite (time) with something finite (number of days there have been people on the planet).  And the calendar we have is pretty arbitrary anyway. Who got to pick which day was 1/1/1 (which adds up to three and could therefore have religious significance...trinity an such)? I think it was Pope Gregory XIII. But who died and left him Pope? Well, technically Pius V.

But I digress.

I kind of wished I had written this on 6/6/12 instead of 6/7/12. Though six plus is 13 and 13 plus 12 equals 25. And two plus five equals seven which is today's date. Tomorrow is 6/8/12. Six plus eight equals 14. Fourteen plus 12 equals 26. And six plus two equals eight which is tomorrow's date.

 I think I'm on to something.

I just can't wait until 7/5/12 when every thing adds up to 12 again. Though 12 plus 12 equals 24 and two plus four equals six which won't be the date.  But six is half of 12.



Kyle said...

I love it... mostly because I made the same note of the significant date yesterday that you did and I lost my train of thought while explaining its profundity. I happened to be getting a tattoo of a German flag, the Colorado state flag and an 8 bit heart with the words 'liebe ist fur alle da' in the middle of it. Not sure how that all ties together, but it has to mean something, right? :D

Time said...

Kyle, Everything is part of the great jigsaw puzzle. The trick is finding all the right pieces :)

Helen Baggott said...

No, the trick is not caring if you have all the right pieces.