Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Harold Camping predicted federal government shutdown

Of course Harold Camping didn't predict the shutdown of the federal government. He is incapable of accurate predictions and is likely locked up in his Christian bunker still waiting for the rapture. I just draw a parallel between Camping's repeated predictions of the end of the world and the brinkmanship of our congress people threatening that the sky will fall if they don't get there own way.

Now that the federal government is technically shutdown and "non-essential" employees are being furloughed. And irony of all ironies, this doesn't include Congress. I would argue that they are about as non-essential as you can get.

Honestly, I think the best thing for everyone would be for Congress to get shutdown (without any pay or benefits) and the rest of the federal bureaucracy could just keep on functioning as if nothing had happened. After all, Congress' main job is to keep the government functioning and if they can't do that job, then they all should be fired. I would be fired if I couldn't do my job.

If they use this crap to push their own political agenda's then they should all simply be turned out of their offices, be stripped of all perks, lose any retirement, free postage, stationary, business cards, cars, expense accounts and whatever else they get simply because they raised enough money from special interests to get elected.

I've tried reading the news about what all of this is about, but near as I can figure is that it is simply Republicans and Democrats belly bumping each other waiting for one of them to back down. This also confirms my belief that all of the elected's in Washington D.C. need to be fired.

There. I've finally become one of those irate old guys who rant about how useless government officials are. But in this case they proved it.

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Unknown said...

Boy, have you hit the nail on the head. They are totally non-essential and useless. Good thing the rest of us are keeping things in motion.