Friday, June 13, 2014

Reading me my writes

No, it's not a typo. "Reading me my writes" is one of the few play on words that I Googled that someone else already hadn't used. The other one was "the last will and writes," but it seemed a bit to morbid to joke about (though "last writes" is the name of a funeral home software package). I tried "writing a wrong," and "two writes don't make a wrong," but many have used them before.

I couldn't use "mineral writes," either because that is the name of the quarterly newsletter of a company that sells calcium carbonate as a feed supplement (nice to know they have a sense of humor about it.  And "writes of passage" has been used ad nauseam. So has "bill of writes."  "Write handed" has been used. "Write thing to do" is taken as is "pagan writes." Don't even bother with "write stuff" and "write on" (which incidentally was the title I came up with for my 9th grade creative writing book back in 1972).  Even "upwrite," "outright," "write now"  and "write here" have been used. And god help us all, so has "divine write" and "do the write thing."

I thought I'd beat the system with "creative righting" but sure enough someone has used it. And they've used "cursive righting," but I'm not sure they know they were being clever. Same with "righting a letter" (which used on purpose would be a great name for an editing company).

So once again it becomes evident that there is no such thing as a original idea, just variations on a theme. And it illustrates to me the dangers of trying to be smugly clever. Word play is a dangerous game to dabble with and shouldn't be engaged in by "half-writes" (ha, ha, ha, ha...)

Though I stake my claim as the first person to use "reading me my writes" on purpose and not because I'm too ignorant to know the difference between "rights" and "writes." And I'll keep "last will and writes" for my final blog when I'm on my death bed. It's my write (been used).


Helen Baggott said...

Sadly, I googled 'reading me my writes'. We are all domed or doomed, or both.

Time said...

I believe most people think typos are their god given write :)