Saturday, January 24, 2015

Buttered rolls and responsibilities

It is not often that I am able to spout an original pun. I've whined before about Googling my original ideas only to find out hundreds if not thousands of people have already had them. But I am proud to say that I think I am the first one to use the pun, "rolls and responsibilities" on purpose. I think it would make one bitchin' name for a socially responsible bakery.

I am staking claim to this pun after a Google search that turned up 73,900 references to "rolls and responsibilities." Now I didn't scroll through all 73,900, but after going through the first three or so pages that all of the uses of "rolls and responsibilities" were made by people whose intentions were to refer to "roles and responsibilities." Of particular note were pages by firearm safety program supported by the NRA and one called "Rolls and Responsibilities of Academy Governors" out of the UK prepared by education advisor consultants (who might want to rethink their career paths).

So now I hereby claim "Rolls and Responsibilities" as my sole pun. No other shall be the first.

Although I imagine someone somewhere will dispute this.

My search for the original pun is not new. Just the other day I was so pleased with myself after posting on Twitter that Arnold Schwarzenegger was reported to have accepted a the role of J.S. Bach in an upcoming bio-pic and was quoted as saying, "I'll be Bach." I even Photoshopped Arnold's face onto J.S. Bach's portrait. Then I Googled it. Umpteen others had already used this pun. Some even Photoshopped the exact same photo of Arnold and J.S. Bach.

I deleted the Tweet in shame. But I did post a Tweet with a Yearbook photo of J.S. Bach for Throw Bach Thursday. Not a single person favorited it or retweeted it. Again I throw pearls and listen to the oinks.

I've always thought "Guns and Roses" would be a great name for a florist and gun shop. Google shows so have several other people. This is after I did a search for "Puns and Roses." But that was only after I did a search for "Puns in the oven." All used many, many times.

But those searches led to "Rolls and Responsibilities" and redemption. I think I'll get a t-shirt made.


JennySays said...

I laughed!!!!

JennySays said...

I laughed!!

Time said...

I take that as high praise indeed!