Monday, October 10, 2016

You can't fix stupid...II

I have fallen into the trap of reading article after article about the current Presidential election and the scab picking analysis of why people support Donald Trump. And it boils down to the hypothesis that they are acting out against the status quo by supporting a candidate who flips a finger at every established system on the books. They in turn are giving the finger to the mainstream media, the intellectual elite, the established party system and every other thing that they feel makes them feel inferior.

The irony to me is the similarity to Trump supporters and the bullies who used to harass me growing up for getting good grades. They would compensate for being stupid by taking it out on me on the playground. They would feel superior and powerful for awhile, but they would always be stupid. I on the other hand learned to avoid being around stupid people as much as possible. But if I was forced to be around stupid people, I learned to hide that fact that I was smarter than them.

It is one of the reasons I try not to shop at Walmart.

There is nothing more dangerous than a stupid person. An uneducated person can learn. A stupid person cannot. Their minds are stuck. They are not open to new ideas because they lack complex reasoning abilities that would allow them to take a balanced look at things. And too often being stupid also goes hand in hand with being morally corrupt. They seem to lack the ability to know when something is just wrong.

And it appalls me to think that maybe 40 percent of the voting population supports Trump. Can that many people be stupid? I suppose some people support him out of greed. They know he will support policies that protect the one percent. And I suppose some of the people support Trump just as a lark to tweak the establishment. But I'm thinking that still leaves about 30 percent of the population being just plain stupid.

It doesn't matter what the man has done, says, does, or will do. His stupid followers just stare slack jawed at the man and applaud the geek's sideshow antics. Because they are the rubes. And PT Barnum pegged them years ago.

Maybe Trump is the the Karma that has been created for the exaggerated political correctness that has paralyzed our society. Maybe all that crying wolf over imagined slights and slurs has left us unable to actually react when someone like Trump just spews out real slights and slurs deliberately. It apparently is the same tactic he uses on women. It's his own version of the Blitz Krieg. He just moves in and attacks without warning and his victims are too stunned to fathom what just happened.

And basically that is what he is doing with his campaign, grabbing the country by the crotch because he thinks he can. It is his privilege. And his followers are getting off by watching him do it.

It is such a pity that you can't fix stupid.

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