Thursday, January 27, 2005

Spam Hall of Shame

Some spam is so incredibly ridiculous, it begs to be shared:

SUBJECT: Hellow, what do you do on Monday? Call me.
FROM: Jassmine Filenson Dear sweethart,

I just get round to email! My camera shootings takes a lot of time! I love and miss
you very much, I think just about you!! I'm fine, my first photosession has ended
yesterday, and you, as usually, the first who will see my photos. My photographer is the really genius! I there madly beautiful, especially when I oiled!!! I love you,
and I want you.

Love, yours Jassmine.

I’ll try to write as often as possible, I’ll send you new photos very soon.
Photos’ password: wantyou

Okay, please tell me no one falls for these things. Yes, it had an attachment and no, I didn't open it. Even my grandmother could tell it is a virus and she's been dead for years.

My favorite line is, "I there madly beautiful, especially when I oiled!!!" God knows what the line was when they plugged it into Babble Fish for translation.

Say goodbye Jassmine.

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