Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The i's have it

Years ago, I had a Mac at work in addition to a PC. All of the designers I have ever known swear by Macs. I liked it, but practicality and price eventually drove me to PCs.

When I first ventured into the world of cell phones I had a standard flip phone for home and a Blackberry for work. Eventually my work and home phone merged into an Android Smartphone. I was ok with the Android, but frustrated at times by how slow it seemed and sporadically random glitches in the software and apps.

So I broke down and ordered an iPhone. Now granted it is an iPhone 5s, not the latest iPhone 6S or whatever the newest models are. But I have to admit I feel as though I have entered a whole new world of smartphonedom.

Granted the 4-inch screen is a bit on the small side. But eventually I'll upgrade to the iPhone 6 when it moves on to the iPhone 7's and the prices drop. What struck me initially is how well made it just feels compared to my old LG Optima 7. Then I experienced the ease of use and get this, when you click on something in the browser or through social media, it actually opens. And I don't have to wait an hour for things to load.

And there is Siri. You can ask the phone's artificial intelligence persona anything and it has an answer. My Android smartphone had no personality or answers to anything.

But the irony is, that once I bought an iPhone, Apple's iPhone sales tanked. And I have a hard time not feeling to blame for that. It's like me wearing any Seahawks gear and they almost certainly will lose their next game. I wore a Seahawks hat the day before they played Carolina and they were down like 30 some points in the first half.

Maybe if I'd had my iPhone then it wouldn't have happened.

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