Friday, July 01, 2016

Gone tomorrow

As if you hadn't heard enough about my hair, I would be remiss if I didn't report that I found another hair salon nearby that I could also make an online appointment. I booked a haircut yesterday evening at 6 p.m. arrived five minutes early and they actually gave me a haircut.

It was a nice salon opened up in an old house in downtown Edmonds. And it was actually one of the owners who cut my hair. She was quite personable, but also quite the sales person. I had forgotten one of the things I hate about hair salons versus cheap barber shops is that the salons always try to sell you "product."

It began when she was shampooing my hair (with very little head massage). She told me she was using a special shampoo for silver hair that reduced the yellow look silver hair can get. She showed me that it was bright purple. Apparently this is important for silver hair shampoo. I anticipated being pressured to buy a bottle later.

After the haircut, she applied some special hair goo that, unlike gel, didn't harden. It was just supposed to give my hair that messy, styled look. And it smelled good.

The entire appointment took about 25 minutes. The haircut cost me $40 plus tip. The "product" cost me another $25 (which I'll point out is about $11 than my barber shop haircuts cost and they never pushed "product"). There was also a great deal of pressure to set up my next appointment.

When I got home I asked my kids how they liked my haircut. There reply was that it didn't look any different. But what do they know.

The next day at work I expected I get some comments about having got my hair cut. It had been getting pretty shaggy.

Not a single person noticed or commented on it.

Conclusion: About a $75 investment in styled hair versus $19 investment in barber shop cut still equals me being invisible.

But the "product" in my hair smells good.

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