Tuesday, January 16, 2018

They might be angels

It snowed on Christmas Eve for the first time in umpteenth years. An while it disappeared within a day or two, it reminded me of the magic of snow to transform the world. It is a weather game changer.

Having it snow on Christmas Eve amplified the magic tenfold. Even I, a jaded adult who hates what snow does to the daily commute, was excited to see snow blanketing everything.  I helped my children make a snowman in the front yard and watched my daughter make snow angels. It was one of those moments.

Now, a few weeks later, looking at the photo of the snow angel triggered something. Why is it we picture angels and other magical creatures like fairies with wings? I Googled it and got a lot of religious bible babble about depicting the power of god. But nothing that explains why angels would need wings.

But then again, many demons and imps are depicted with wings, too. Though they are more like bat wings than the feathery angel wings. And fairy wings are more like butterflies. But the common link is wings.

Perhaps its because we envy creatures that can fly. And because our ancestors looked to the skies for heaven we associate flight with the divine.

My mother the Christian Scientist used to tell me that angels are god's thoughts sent to man. Christian Scientist's were never big on Christian tradition that included angels with wings. I compromised in my young mind an pictured angels as light.  Christian Scientists also don't subscribe to the red devil with a pitchfork image of Satan.  My mom told me that stuff most Christians attribute to the the devil was Error speaking. She actually meant error in thinking, but I always pictured "Error" with a capital 'E.' And the I pictured it as kind of a swirly creature made out of smoke. And it had eyes.

Being a Christian Scientist kid is not an easy thing. Fortunately, I outgrew it. Now I don't prescribe to any particular religious believe.

But I do believe in snow angels.

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