Monday, October 15, 2018

Here, muse, muse, muse...

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I was on track this year to post more blog posts than I have in almost seven years. Then for whatever reason, my muse went south for the winter and I haven't been inspired to write anything. That's the funny thing about muses. You never know when they will become unamused.

I toy with the idea that I have said everything I have to say. I have shared my unsolicited opinion about many things, sometimes in a less than kind way. And considering the current state of our divided world, I think there has been enough unkind words bantered about.

I'd write about what is going on in my life, but I'm afraid the highlight lately has been getting a new fence installed (though it is pretty cool since the old one was about 44 years old and was ready to collapse any day). I could have written about my first experience with using a wood chipper to get rid of the crap load of branches I had to cut back on my hedge to allow the fence maker to tear down and install a new fence. But it was uneventful except for it eventually clogging and me not being able to decipher the instructions on how to clear the clog and restart it.

I could write about what must be my 12th visit to a pumpkin patch with my children and the $51 dollars worth of pumpkins I bought after paying $12 just to get in the place. For that price, my family and I were able to feed motley looking ducks and chickens and listen to rather large people taunting a mother pig for being so fat.

Or I suppose I could write about how I am probably one of the few 60 year olds who is obsessed with playing Fortnite. Though my son was marveling at the fact that he and I started playing the game at the same time and he is so much better at it than me. I don't think that is totally true.

I could also write about my Bengal cat keeping me up at night by continually flushing the toilet. If only she would also use the toilet instead of her cat box I wouldn't mind so much.

And there was my trip to the movie theater with my son to see the new Marvel movie Venom.  After paying $24 for the tickets online and another $27 for two sodas, a larger popcorn and a box of red vines I sat in the front row and struggled to actual see the film. The seats were recliners, however.

So instead of writing about those mundane subjects, I instead write about my missing muse.


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Helen Baggott said...

I don't think I've ever seen so many $s in a blog post. Your muse is costing you on all levels!