Friday, February 15, 2019

Snow way

The Puget Sound region is slowly recovering from a series of snow storms that dumped close to a foot of snow in an area that rarely gets any. And these storms hit in February with spring visible on the horizon.

I don't like snow. I don't like being cold. I don't like not being able to leave my house. I don't like having to shovel snow and clear patches of my lawn so the dog can poop. I don't like having to walk through snow drifts to get to the train station to get to work and then wonder if I'm going to get home again. I don't like getting two phone calls, a text and an e-mail from my kid's school district telling me school has been cancelled.

I live in the Puget Sound region partially because it rarely snows. So having to endure almost a week of this crap has made me think that moving to Costa Rica may not be a bad idea.

I won't go into to the typical B.S. about how people in Seattle can't drive in the snow. Of course they can't drive in the snow. Everything here is on a hill.  Even the morons in their monster trucks that are driving around at 45 m.p.h. in the snow can't really drive in the snow. They are even worse in ice.

Most of the snow is gone from the roads now and I did drive to the train station this morning. I hated taking my relatively new car out, but I also didn't feel like trudging through the muck and slush again this morning. I only had a brief moment of panic when I backed out of my driveway and got stuck in the six inches of slush just before the main road. My days of driving in snow in Idaho kicked in and I rocked my way out of the mess and got onto the relatively dry main road.

I learned to ski when I was a senior in high school. I never really liked it. I couldn't really afford proper ski gear so I froze when I was taking lessons. I reinforced my dislike of snow. I haven't been skiing for maybe 30 years and I don't miss it. And being 60, the odds of me ever wanting to ski again are slim to none.

I did help my children build a snow man in a local park when it first snowed.  It had been knocked over and kicked apart by the next day. I assume this was done by people who also don't like snow or snowmen.

Oh well, no use crying over melted snow or snowmen.

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