Friday, February 04, 2005

Stay out of my blog

Just using a little reverse psychology there. Of course you can look at my blog. It is, after all, dangling out there for the world to see and marvel at. I know, I actually just dropped in to find Elvis or the mechanical monkey. Look around, they are both here somewhere. 

 I still marvel that Google can weave its way through the Web world and pick out key words in the millions of Web pages and lead people down endless deadends in the search for truth. That is the most likely way you ended up in Dizgraceland. Because who, after all, actually would seek out a place called Dizgraceland

 I apologize to my non-English speaking friends who wander in here. All of this must seem quite confusing. 

 Me disculpo a mis amigos de discurso no-Ingleses que vaguen adentro aquí. Todo el esto debe parecerse absolutamente confuso. Ich entschuldige mich bei meinen nicht-Englischen sprechenden Freunden, die innen hier wander. Die ganze dieses muß ziemlich verwirrend scheinen. Chiedo scusa ai miei amici parlanti non-Inglesi che vagano dentro qui. Tutto il questo deve sembrare abbastanza confusionario. Je fais des excuses à mes amis parlants non-Anglais qui errent dedans ici. Toute la ceci doit sembler tout à fait embrouillante. Я apologize к моим нон-Angli1skim говоря друзьям бродяжничают внутри здесь. Все из этого должны показаться довольно confusing. 私はここにさまよう私の非英国の話す友人に謝る。これのすべてはかなり複雑なようでなければならない。 Ζητώ συγγνώμη στους μη-αγγλικούς μιλώντας φίλους μου που περιπλανιούνται εδώ. Όλο αυτό πρέπει να φανεί αρκετά συγχέοντας. 

 There, I feel better now.

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