Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cave paintings

I wonder at times if blogging has become as archaic as cave paintings. Compared to the digital fast food social sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogging has just lost its newness and appeal to most people. For one, it takes too long of an attention span to read a blog post versus a Twitter or Facebook update about what you are having for lunch.

I was so enthusiastic when I started blogging. I felt so cutting edge and progressive. Blogging was my opportunity to share all of these fascinating stories I'd stored up for years. I was pretty damned prolific in the beginning, posting on an almost daily basis. I covered my cave walls with enough stick figures to entertain thousands. Trouble is, my cave seems to be a bit hard to find. And, I seem to be running out of paint and wall space. On more than one occasion, I've even painted the same pictographs over and over.

Kind of like this post. I think it is at least the hundredth time I've whined about blogging. Yet I still bundle up in my fur robes and trudge on back to the cave.

At times I ponder about what will happen to my cave paintings when I'm gone. It is hard to imagine a time when Google will close up shop and scatter all of its various digital properties to the winds. But even the dinosaurs eventually trudged off slowly into the sunset to become petroleum products. Have I built a digital house of cards by storing all of my cave paintings in one blog?

I've toyed with converting my blog posts into a primitive hard copy book. There are several self publishing options out there. But having one copy of a book of my rambling digressions seems a bit sad at times. They don't call the paper book covers dust jackets for nothing.

Once again I've become maudlin and cliche about leaving a legacy when I've gone.

Maybe that is my legacy.

Ug...need more paint.


R. said...

Where the cool kids are.

K. said...

The cool kid above me only knows about it because he's married to a cooler kid. ;) Well, except not since I'm still waiting for my beta CD.

Now that things have settled here, I kind of want to blog again. Except I can always think of 25 other things to do besides write.

Time said...

I went there and signed up for a subscription to something. I haven't a clue as to what that means. I absolutely have no skills when it comes to backend coding so I'm not sure I'll ever be cool enough to use any of it.

But you should blog again. There are so many caves to paint and so little time :)

patriq hansson said...

Hi! I really like the picture in this post. Would it be OK with you if I used it on my site as well?
Have a nice weekend!


Time said...

Sure Patriq, go ahead and use it if you wish. But please credit it to