Friday, February 19, 2016

Lost music

Since I got my iPhone, I rediscovered iTunes and music I'd accumulated in the past there and then forgotten. I used iTunes a great deal when I bought my first iPod. I dutifully loaded all of my CD collection onto iTunes and then my iPod.

It was one of the first iPods and now is the equivalent to one of those early mobile phones that was the size of a toaster. At the time I was pretty impressed that I could load thousands of songs on it. But eventually the iPod became a dinosaur of technology and ended up in a drawer. The battery is pretty much shot anyway.

I had other mp3 players over the years. Some the size of a postage stamp. They all eventually became toast and I ended up listening to Spotify or Jango or Amazon Prime music. But music in the cloud is pretty limited to the vagarities of the Sprint network and my train goes through cell dead zones to and from work.  I have been frustrated on more than one occasion by have a three minute song take 20 minutes to play.

The iPhone brought me back to iTunes. But I could only find music there that I'd purchased through iTunes. All of my CD music seems to have vanished or is in a different iTunes account I've forgotten.  But I had purchased a variety of odd music from iTunes. And honestly, I don't recall purchasing most of it. There is a U2 album I have absolutely no recollection of buying. I don't like U2.

I do remember buying the Moulin Rouge soundtrack during a weak moment. And I bought the original Jesus Christ Superstar album because all I had was the vinyl version from when I was in Junior High. And for some reason I bought an Eminem album (in which all the songs pretty much sound the same with him rapping about how it sucks to be famous).

There are a couple of Rob Zombie albums. Don't ask.

Anyway, it's a trip to put the songs on shuffle and hear Patty Griffin followed by Bono, King Herod's Song from JC Superstar, and then Eminem rapping crap.

I think it's time to get some new music.


Helen Baggott said...

Bono? Bono? Delete immediately and get some decent music.

Time said...

See, that is the weird thing about this. I really can't stand his voice so I can't imagine why I have the album on iTunes. But you're okay with Rob Zombie then?