Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You can't fix stupid

You have to take a test to get a license to drive a car, so why shouldn't you have to take a test to determine whether or not you are qualified to vote. At the very least it should be the same test they give people who are becoming citizens of the United States. Then you could at least say the person voting has some idea how our political system works.

But no, we allow anyone over the age of 18 to randomly cast a vote without any proof they know the consequences and the responsibility they have. It is why we end up with president's like Nixon, Reagan, George W. Bush and now horror of horrors, possibly Donald Trump. At least George W.  was just a buffoon with dangerous advisers. Trump just seems crazy in a "I shouldn't be trusted with my finger on the nuclear weapons" way.

I can think of no rational reason why any intelligent person would support Donald Trump. Even if his racist, hate monger filled blathering is an act, then why would anyone want someone who has no respect for the office to hold it?

It's not that I think anyone with an opinion other than mine is stupid. It's okay to have different opinions. But when a person proposes immoral and racist ideas such as a wall to keep people out of the country or banning Muslims from the country an intelligent person would not think that is okay. So I have to surmise that all Trump supporters are idiots.

Don't tell me he is a straight shooter that speaks what other people just think. If that is what you are thinking, then you are an idiot.

I realize the media thrives on controversy and they blow up the things Trump spouts in sound bites and headlines. The problem is that his mindless supporters just think it is the liberal press picking on him. And regardless of how outlandish his statement is, they'll accept it.

I can only hope the Democrats get their shit together and nominate a candidate that can beat Trump. It is our only hope.

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