Tuesday, November 08, 2016

If this is Tuesday then there must be an election

"This is considered the greatest movement, nobody has ever seen anything like it"
--Donald Trump (Presumably just returning from a bathroom break)
I'd like to say that I'm going to miss disjointed mutterings of Donald Trump, but I seriously doubt if the nut job will go away after his psychotic ego has got the taste of publicity only a presidential campaign can generate. That aside, no, I won't miss Donald Trump's nasty face and vitriol (a big word most of his followers won't understand) being spewed on a daily basis.

I made the mistake yesterday of venturing out of my nice, liberal Twitter stream and following some of the election hashtags. I was stunned at the number of nasty tweets by the deplorables. I shouldn't be surprised. Trump chooses that channel on a regular basis. I supposed it is because none of them can focus on anything beyond 140 characters.

Still it shocks me that the other side has just as much rhetoric criticizing Hillary as we have rhetoric criticizing Trump. The difference is that our rhetoric is accurate and their's is just made out of crap they've cherry picked from their "movement."

I have high hopes that Hillary will win tonight and the nightmare will be downgraded to just a bad dream. The alternative is just too scary. I had to live through eight years of George W. Bush. It was bad, but I honestly would take Bush over Trump any day. At least George W. had some experience and his daddy giving him advice. Trump hasn't a clue as to how government works.

That, unfortunately, why he has garnered the great unwashed sea of Walmart shoppers to support him. They don't understand how anything works either.

But enough digression about Trump. It is time to just sit back and hope the early returns bring good news. I've voted in ten presidential elections.  The first president I ever voted for was Jimmy Carter. Then I had to endure eight years of Reagan and four more of George Bush (the father). Then I voted for Bill Clinton and enjoyed eight years of progress. That was of course followed by eight nasty years under George W. Bush that mired us in war and tanked the economy. Then I voted for Barack Obama and have watched him battle a Republican Congress to try and get anything done.

Now let's hope Hillary becomes President and I will have voted for more winning candidates than losing ones. Regardless, I'm proud to go on record voting for the first woman candidate for president and cast my vote against the most vile candidate in history.

Let the games begin...and possible.

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