Wednesday, April 25, 2018


blath·er·skite:Definition -  a person who talks at great length without making much sense. foolish talk; nonsense.

If I didn't have a great deal of equity invested in the name, "Dizgraceland," I think "Blatherskite" would be a great blog name. Not that I think that I am a blatherskite. At least not all of the time. I'm actually quite quiet if you meet me in person. Unless I've had a lot of coffee. Then I can be a blatherskite with the best of them.

Speaking of blatherskites, I joined a pun page on Facebook called The Punitentiary because I've always enjoyed a good pun (which is an oxymoron). But I have to admit I'm getting a bit weary of the constant stream of puns floating by in my new roll. At first I jumped right in and tried to one up the punsters for each post. Because that is what people in puns do. They hop aboard a puns train of thought until they reach the caboose.

Some of the Punitentiary don't seem to recognize a caboose and they turn the train of thought in to messy derailment. Puns only work when you don't have to try to hard. It's very easy to slip into blatherskite territory.

But there lies the dilemma, does a blatherskite know they are a blatherskite? Or from a more Zen like point of view, if a blatherskite blathers in the forest and there is no one there to hear them do they make a point?

I don't think a self aware person can truly be a blatherskite. Unless, of course, you are deliberately trying to come off as a blatherskite as a literary device (which is what I sometimes do). It has been my experience in life that blatherskites and idiots are blissfully unaware that they are blatherskites and idiots.

I am a painfully self-aware person. And let me tell you this isn't always a good thing. Because the world is chock full of people ready to point out your faults. Being overly self-aware just means you are constantly striving to beat them to the punch. It's hell on your self esteem. It can also prevent you from wanting to leave your bed. I think agoraphobics are actually just acutely self-aware people.

But given the choice of being overly self-aware or a blatherskite, I'm going to have to go with being overly self aware. Because it is better to chase your tail trying to avoid being thought of as an idiot than spinning a long-winded tale and removing all doubt.

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