Monday, April 30, 2018

Puns of steel

I am not sure why I am drawn to puns like a moth to flames. Most people just groan and shake their heads at puns. I find them satisfying the way a mathematician does at a chalkboard full of calculations. I especially like visual puns.

I mentioned that I joined a group on Facebook dedicated to puns. I posted the first photo below and no one got it. I didn't post the second photo because if they didn't get the first one, they'd never get the second one. I'll let you think about it for a bit before I explain.

The correct response is "Reed between the lions" which of course is a pun for "Read between the lines." It is so obvious to me that I am appalled I had to explain it to people in a pun group.

For some reason, famous composers lend themselves to puns. As does Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Pope is also good for a pun or two.  I didn't post this one on the pun page because they have rules about what you can and cannot pun about and politics and religion isn't allowed.

I'm not sure this next one is a pun, but I thought it was funny anyway. But that is because I have kids.

I think I created this next one for a post about binge watching. Guess which show it is.

And last but not least, an image I created and posted years ago for a Dry Cleaners name I'd like to see.

Something tells me it isn't really what Shakespeare had in mind.

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