Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Cannon

A couple of years ago, Tess and I were on a Caribbean cruise for Christmas. I got a kick out of how, even in a tropical setting, people did their best to decorate and keep in the spirit of the season. This cannon decked out in lights was in front of an old fort on St. Thomas.

Hey, nothing says Christmas like a cannon. You have to admit it takes balls.

Ho, ho, ho...


Footpad said...

Shooting off yer mouth again, eh Tim?

Got a bang out of that trip, did you?

Hm. Looks like I'd bettter bite the bullet and take a power.

-- f

JP (mom) said...

He meant "powder!"

Dork! (but I love him!)

God help me, JP

Alex Pendragon said...

Let's hope our troops in Bahgdad don't hit the streets strung with flashing lights wearing santa hats over their helmets. I think the muslims might misunderstand........

Yea, is kinda ironic that we'd dress up our weapons to celebrate the hope for peace on Earth.

Hayden said...

'nothing says Christmas like a cannon.'

it's lines like this that keep me coming back.


abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Whitesnake said...

Now that was probally one of your better posts, it had balls, could have had a bit more fire power,depending on circumstances could have gone off with a bang,you certainly had some aim to it.

Time said...

FP, Whitesnake:
Puns are the lowest form of humor. Bless both of your low selves.

JP, I guess his power was out all week, too :)

THE Michael,
As I said, nothing says Christmas like a cannon.

I'm a man of few words. What can I say?

Hayden said...

still making jokes!

Anonymous said...

What, no pictures of you posing with the cannon? I thought you were working on a series. Just a couple more canons and you'll have enough for a calendar.

Time said...

Kristy, If I had a couple of more canons, the saints would be marching in. I'll see what I can do about the cannon shots, though.