Friday, December 01, 2006

Santa Elvis

We will be decorating our Christmas trees this weekend. And keeping with tradition, one of those trees will be the Elvis tree. It is my white artificial tree with blue lights and all Elvis themed ornaments (I weep just thinking about it).

It's going to be a blue, blue, blue Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Tim, that is the epitomy of coolness. I salute you!

JP (mom) said...

An Elvis tree??!!!! Our darling daughter would go nuts seeing that ... she loves Elvis and was begging us for a white tree. If we have a bigger place someday, we'll have to oblige her with a second tree, but until then, it's an old-fashioned traditional tree trimmed with ornaments collected over the years. I need to sweet-talk Footpad into putting up the lights on the house this weekend!
have fun! cheers, JP

Alex Pendragon said...

There's that "C" word again.........

Time said...

Kristy, I am shocked, yet flattered. That is the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

JP, I will post pictures as is also my tradition. Last year it was the Deconstruction of the Elvis Tree. Perhaps this year it will be it's evolution.

THE Michael,
I may not be able to say Christmas at my workplace, but I will not be censored in my blog. Merry Christmas to you.

Footpad said...

Very cool, Tim.

(Seeet talk, eh, JP? I'm all "ears" ;-))

-- f

Time said...

It's all in the negotiations. Something tells me you'll be putting up lights this weekend.

darlingina said...

Love that photo Tim. You are the King of Kool! Happy Holidays to You and Tess. ;o)

Time said...

Thanks Gina, It was nice being a young Elvis at one point in my life.