Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blue in the face

I wonder if any of you would actually recognize me if you saw me in real life outside of my blog. I don't think my face is really very distinctive when it isn't grafted onto a black bear or the Pope. I am one of the people who tend to blend into the scenary and become invisible.

Not that I know what makes a face distinctive other than what the media dictates to us should be distinctive. I suppose a face becomes distinctive once you've seen it many times. Or at least familar. So I suppose my face is distinctive to some.

But still would you recognize me? And if you did, would I be what you expected? Would I match my blog?

When I was in college, I wrote a humor column for the college newspaper -- Healyums (I didn't choose the name, the A&E editor did). Every week at least 4,000 copies of my column were read religiously (it was a Catholic university). On the first day of a Philosophy class I was required to take, the professor was reading the class roster. On hearing my name, a young lady in front of me turned around and asked, "Are you the guy who writes that humor column in the school paper?" I said, yes. She responded, "You don't look funny."

One could take that in many ways. But I think she really just thought I didn't look like person who could was humorous. I suppose that is okay because everyone thinks Bill Cosby and Jerry Lewis look funny, but I understand that in real life they are assholes.

So maybe I look like an asshole, but I'm really funny. Or maybe I'm both.

I guess you can't judge a blogger by his cover.

Oh, I'm not really blue, either.


Karen said...

I recently asked someone who has come to know me very well off the blogs if I am the same as I seem on my blog. He told me that basically I am but my responses to comments actually reveal more of me. I thought that was quite interesting and reinforced my belief that it's important to respond to people who bother to comment because often you will learn even more about the person than what they have revealed in their post. I personally like people to know the real me.

As far as your face goes Tim, you're unique because you're YOU. I would recognise you anywhere :)

Time said...

It would make an interesting psychological study: Blogger self versus Real world self.

So you would recognize me anywhere, huh? Turn around...

Just kidding :)

Karen said...

Ha Ha :)

JP/deb said...

I think our blog personas are an extension of our real life personas ... we have more control of our image on the web (especially with photoshop!) Blue or not, you're funny! JP/deb

Time said...

I'm going to assume you are saying I'm funny and not funny looking :) Thanks!

Lights in the wake said...

"Healyums" I get it, like helium, a gas. As in "That guy's a gas, he cracks me up". If I had to bet on it I'd say we'd recognize you. People are wired to remember faces and we've seen yours hundreds of times. How could we not recognize you? Even if your head was only on a regular human body.

Time said...

My head would never be on a regular human body.