Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Big Sneezy

So, it is day six of my New Orleans adventure. Today's Pipe Organ music as subsided. I finally figured out that it was coming from one of the riverboats that carries tourists back and forth on the Mississippi. Still damned annoying.

It is still cold here, or at least cold for New Orleans. And that in turn has nurtured my cold.

I tried walking around Jackson Square and up and down Royal Street for awhile but I don't have much energy. A couple of the statue mimes were out posing. I think they are kind of cool for mimes. At least I'm not tempted to slap them silly like I am with traditional mimes.

One thing that I never get tired of in New Orleans is the architecture. There is nothing like it anywhere else in th country. It's a pity most of the streetlevel space In the Quarter is taken up with tacky tourist crap. I mean, how many "I got Bourbon faced on Shit Street" t-shirts can you buy?

I check out of the Wyndam tomorow and move over to the Chateau Sonesta off from Bourbon Street for a couple of nights. At this point, I kind of wish I wuold have just stayed here and avoided the hassle.

But then again, at this point, I wish I was home. Because I'm sick of Oz and there's no place like home.

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