Monday, June 13, 2005

I will sell this skull

eBay item 3980430624 (Ends Jun-19-05 12:09:04 PDT) - Unique one-of-a-kind steer skull decorated in gold leaf

It's kind of the power of positive thinking. I am visualizing selling the Gold Lame skull. I see it being purchased by a nice farmer who lets it play with all of my childhood pets that my mom said were now living on a farm.

I mean, the only way I convinced Tess not to throw it away or give it to Value Village was to assure her it would sell for major bucks on eBay. So far only 8 people have even viewed it. But I am not giving up. Because I believe what makes our country great is the entrepeneurial spirit that brought the Pilgrims to these hallowed shores. Wait a minute, they came seeking religious freedom and prime real estate to burn witches, didn't they?

Well, regardless, the Gold Lame Skull is that symbol to me that PT Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute. So, faithful reader(s), tell all of your friends that Tim-Elvis is parting with the Gold Lame Skull and you can have it for an opening bid of $9.99 plus shipping and handling.

Bid before midnight tonight and I'll sleep better.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. Rest assured that if I were a farmer I'd be all over that sucker.

Time said...

It's never too late to realize your dream. I tell you what, you buy the Gold Lame skull and I'll throw in an articulated mink skeleton at no extra charge.

Anonymous said...

No thanks. I already have an articulated mink skeleton. Doesn't everyone?