Saturday, January 07, 2006

You may see dead people, but I'm not dead, yet

True to my word, I'm adding my daily blog entry to reassure all of my blog world friends that I'm still fat and sassy and blogging along, singing a song.

It has been a full day for me. I finally arranged enough crap in our three-car garage so that I could actually put Tess' car in it. Tomorrow we may actually be able to get my truck in the garage as well.

Do not yawn. This was a major accomplishment.

I've never had a garage before. They converted the garage into a family room in the last house I lived in and I parked my car outside in the driveway for 18 years. Between the birds and the rain induced moss, I forgot what color the car was (see my blog entry, Rain Reigns from three days ago for clarification on why this would be). I used to take it to the car dealer for an oil change just so they would pressure clean it.

Even after all of the day's activities, I find time to log on and write in my blog. It's become kind of like brushing my teeth (and every bit as fascinating). And I'm feeling pretty damned smug and superior about the whole thing.

Well, not really. I do not blog consistently to set an example or make any one feel guilty. If it appears that way, please just chase that errant thought from your head and admire instead my pure intent.

As they say in Canada (at least in the French speaking parts) I wish you adeu (and a three and a four...hahahahah....)


Time said...

Thanks. I am confident in my spacial relations ability to get my truck into the remain space in our garage. Good for you for packing up Christmas. And good luck with those Redskins. Go Seahawks!

morningstar said...

"i see dead people"

(reference A Man walks into a blog"

oh yeah .. and here in this part of Canada ..we say "salut"... (cheeky grin)


Time said...

I see Canadians! And Salut to you, too!