Sunday, April 13, 2008


Isn't this photo inspirational? Doesn't it just scream at you at you some cliche like, "See the light...see the light...see the light?" Well, I took it! And I enhanced it a bit with yes, you guessed it, Photoshop. Because it was taken in bright afternoon sunlight when we were sailing away from the L.A. World Cruise Center and the beacon wasn't on.

Isn't technology amazing? I've created a kind of digital black velvet painting. That's what I call art. And a pity that it is only digital. Because damned if I wouldn't hang this puppy on my wall.

Of course that is kind of what I've done. I've hung it on the virtual wall of Dizgraceland where I can enjoy it anytime I want. And the beauty of digital art is that even if someone steals it, it is still there.
Now that is inspiring.


R. said...

Actually it kind of reminds me of the old Stephen King story "The Langoliers." It's kind of like the universe is being eaten from right to left.

R. said...

But just kind of :P