Monday, May 14, 2018

Taking care of business

As I write this post, I am watching the second part of a two-part documentary on HBO called, Elvis Presley: The Searcher. I have watched many documentaries about Elvis. I have read many books about his life. But having just go back from my first trip to Graceland in March, watching this documentary has been a different experience.

I had seen many photos of Graceland. I have a miniature model of Graceland that I set up under my Elvis tree each Christmas. But hokey as it sounds, there is just nothing like actually being there in person. The images I see in the documentary are now familiar places I've stood and experienced.

It doesn't really matter that thousands or millions have visited and stood in the same places. Because Elvis, the concept, is a personal experience. And it was somehow cathartic after all of these years to finally pay my respects.

And I finally got to write my name on the real walls of Graceland


 Now that's taking care of business!

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