Friday, July 05, 2024

A pithy statement


As you can see I am still a bit obsessed by the concept of a pith helmet. I realize they more or less have a negative connotation of European colonialism and probably don't appeal to everyone. But I do like they way they look and the romance they represent.  And according to my DNA most of my ancestors stem from England. So there is a distinct possibility that one of them wore a pith helmet at some point.

Not that there are too many places to wear a pith helmet these days. I wore one once for a photo in Cozumel after a jeep safari.  It was the tour guides helmet and it cost me to take the photo. And it didn't fit very well and definitely wasn't a British colonial version.  It didn't help that I just had a moustache and no beard. We do many things in our youth that we regret.

I did kind of want an iguana after I returned from that trip. But then I found out that they are expensive and difficult to keep as a pet, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  The whim passed fortunately or I imagine I would have had an iguana as part of my pet cemetery at the time.

Perhaps I should rethink the pith helmet. Though I think they are easier to care for than an iguana.

I have such deep thoughts.

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