Monday, July 01, 2024

I'm so happy to be sad

 I listen to the Acoustic Chill playlist on Amazon Music a great deal. It passes the time well when I am weeding the Sisyphean hillside of horsetails behind my house. Though I have noticed that many of the songs are about sad things, like people dying, breaking up, breaking down or just drinking a lot. I find it curious since this isn't a country playlist where you would expect to find such things. But we humans seem to take great joy in sorrow. So ironically a man of constant sorrow is in theory constantly happy that he is sad. It's another one of those vicious circles.

Maybe it is because the people in the songs remind us that our lives could actually be worse.  So it's kind of this "glad that's not me" moment. What I find particularly sad are the love songs about people who can't stand being with each other anymore. I also kind of smirk at lyrics about someone finding someone who they've been looking for all their life. Considering the average age of the people writing these songs is probably 28, I'm thinking they haven't really been looking that long.

I smirk equally as long at lyrics about never loving someone like this before. That is pretty much the point isn't it? If you love they like everyone else, then you would get bored much quicker than if it seems new. But eventually they get to know each other and decide love isn't enough to overcome the fact that he or she is an asshole. 

Ah, to be young and in love and miserable. 

I did hear Nat King Cole singing his song "Nature Boy" yesterday. It took me awhile to realize it is one of the key songs in the movie Moulin Rouge.  It inspired this design.

Now if the next lyric after learning to love and be loved was the greatest thing was, but then your lover will either leave you or die, it would have been the perfect song.

I guess I'm just a romantic at heart. 

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