Thursday, July 04, 2024

Keep your eyes on the road (and don't look back)


Not that I'm petty or anything, but I couldn't resist flipping off Warner Music Group with a design that isn't that intellectual and definitely isn't their property. So what if it means nothing to anyone and no one buys it. I won a minor battle against the petty intellectual police and their battle bots who never sleep.

Now this is a t-shirt design I may just have to buy for myself because it says it all. And I'll be damned if the man with a beard planting his flag on the portion of the brain he is claiming as intellectual property doesn't look like me (except for the long hair and pith helmet). Artie seems to know me a bit too well.

And I impressed myself that I knew the safari helmet was pith helmet though I had to ask ChatGPT what a pith helmet was because I didn't have a clue why they are called pith helmets. ChatGPT informed me that a pith helmet is a lightweight hard hat made of sholapith (a dried pith from certain plants). It is covered with cloth and has a rounded crown and a wide brim. They were popular during the 19th and early 20th centureis among exploreres in tropical and subtropical regions. 

I like the sound of "sholapith." It sounds like the name of an epic hero. "I am Sholapith, son of Mallomar."

I now have a slight desire to possess my own pith helmet. So you can bet I'm going to do a search on eBay and bet you dollars to doughnuts that they sell them. 

Give me a minute.

Yep. There are a plethora of pith helmets and I am watching a couple. My problem is finding one that fits. I have a huge head. It has always presented a problem when it comes to finding hats that fit. I like to think it is because I have an abnormally large brain but I'm sure the medical naysayers will dispute that and say I just inherited a large head.

Genes are a bitch. Ironically my father's name was Gene. 

You are learning a great deal about me today.

Speaking of today, yes it is the 4th of July.

And I sat with my wife and mother-in-law in camp chairs we place out last night at a strategic location on the 4th of July Parade route in my town. I will go on the record that I truly hate 4th of July parades, flag wavers and the other crap that goes along with a 4th of July parade. I wouldn't mind the parade if there were a bunch of bands and drill teams, but it is summer so you basically get Rotary Clubs, politicians, Tai Kwon Do classes and random people on trucks and motorcycles.  This parade had a tanker truck from a septic tank pumping business and a garbage truck decked out in festive red, white and blue (which explains why they didn't pick up our garbage this morning). I was okay with the garbage truck because I feel like they are part of the community but the septic tank truck baffled me. Did someone think it was a good marketing move to drive a septic tank pump truck in a 4th of July parade because there would be tons of people watching who would suddenly need their septic tank pumped? And who in the hell has a septic tank in small city that is built on 100s of underground streams. 

But this is America.

Happy 4th of July.

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