Sunday, April 10, 2005

It was a nice day for a Web Wedding...

Okay, so the Webcast of our wedding lasted maybe nine minutes and looked like a surveillance tape from a 7-11. But you have to admit it was a unique idea. So what if my mother thought the candle sticks in the image were Tess. She got to see our wedding. If you missed it, one of my friends copied the images for posterity:

Tess and I are standing before the Captain of the Diamond Princess.
I was relieved that he was British until I realized I didn't understand a
word he was saying. You would think those people would learn to speak
English. I was taken aback when he asked me to repeat the phrase "lawful

Tess and Tim exchange vows (and no that is not my belly, it's my jacket and I know it made me look like Alfred Hitchcock).

Tess and Tim sign the ship's log (a journal, not a piece of wood).

Tess and Tim are introduced as husband and wife and experience the blinding light of spiritual rapture...well actually it was a flash going off at exactly the time the Webcam refreshed. But we were very happy.

I plan to post some of the more traditional photos of our wedding soon whether you like it or not.


Naughti Biscotti said...

It was a...nice day to...start AGAIN!!!! Oh yeah!!!

Subtle. Just wanted you to know I didn't miss it.

Time said...

Very good! Billy Idol may have only had two hits, but I always did like "White Wedding."