Saturday, October 14, 2006


It is sometimes nice to be in the dark. Enlightenment requires a heck of a lot of batteries. Sitting in the dark can be pretty peaceful.

I haven't always felt this way. When I was little, I was afraid of the dark. When the lights went out at bedtime, I pulled the covers over my head. Eventually, I allowed my nose to stick out. I eventually accepted that some demon wasn't going to rip off my face and pulled the cover down to my neck and exposed my whole head. I did get my mosquitoe bites on my eyelids, but that's another story.

Bottomline, I learned to accept the dark. Sometimes I even prefer it. Or I prefer dimly lit environments. There is nothing like soft light and shadows to soften reality.

It dawned on me (no pun intended) that some of you may be thinking I am referring to light and dark in a metaphorical sense here. You are thinking that light represents reality and darkness a delusional veil of fantasy that dulls it.

Not so.

Hey, don't use that denial crap on me. This is my life and my blog. I know when I'm being metaphorical or not.

I just like the dark.

I do.


Anonymous said...

I love the dark. It simplifies everything allowing my mind to rest. But, it has to be completely dark, not half dark or half light ;-) My eyes won't relax until I've convinced them that they can't see anything.

Great metaphorical post Tim.

Time said...

Half dark or half light...ha, ha! Metaphotically speaking Shandi, thank you.

Alex Pendragon said...

When I first moved to Alaska, the fully-lit summer days were a real problem, dealt with by natives with black-out curtains, but for the longest time your sleep/wake mechanism isn't convinced you're not trying to go to bed too early. To this day, like Shandi, the darker, the better, at least when I'm trying to sleep. I was lucky as a kid to get a gay monster that refused to come out of the closet......hehe.....

Was that a half-assed pun or what?

Time said...

I believe there is hope for you after all THE Michael.

Time said...

Ironic coming from a person who calls themselves Lights, eh, Lights?

Anonymous said...

I like this post and I like this picture. Plain and simple.

Time said...

Miss Bliss, Which is the type of person I am.