Monday, October 23, 2006

Who let the blogs out?

I wish it was cool to blog. I wish we could have cult followings and t-shirts and unauthorized biographys. I wish they did segments on us spitting on the paparazzi on those evening tabloid shows. I wish they went through our garbage and sold our gum wrappers on eBay.

But it isn't cool to blog. I mean, it isn't even unique to have a blog. Thanks to sites like and, everybody and their dog has a blog.

Something has to be done. I think we need to band together in militant little blog gangs and raid the other blog gangs. Maybe it can be Bloggers versus the Myspacers. I think we at are clearly the more serious literary bloggers anyway. Let's go over to and open up a major can of blogger whoopass. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Let's go to work!

Ow! I just broke a nail on my keyboard. The rest of you go ahead. I've got your backs.

Power to the bloggers at!

As long as it's not down for maintenance.


Time said...

Dear Lights, Thank you for your generous donation of $3000 to fund our "Shock and Awe" Campaign to bring myspace to it's virtual knees. You will be receiving an e-mail with instructions as to where to send the donation. I have some friends in Nigeria who are willing to front the campaign. I can get you a great deal on cocoa, too.

Anonymous said...

Send your money to me. I have no problem opening a virtual can of whoop-ass on these wannabe bloggers. I have started some of my own skirmishes in enemy territory, inciting them to acts of literary violence (not literally). These myspacers are NOT bloggers. Most are there to get laid and that's about it.

*bing* ... oh wait... i just got a "friend request" from Fngrlkngd69 on MySpace. Whooo hoooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so right. I have a myspace (myspace/missbliss65) and my sad little poem that I recently posted is no match for the prose you bloggers compose. Bloggers take on serious issues and really open themselves up - we myspacers choose a different song every day as a way of revealing how we are feeling or we post a picture of us doing something stupid. There's really no comparison. When I grow up I hope to be a blogger.

Time said...

Power to you Shandi, my sister in the revolution. Lure those friends in off myspace and we shall crush them like bugs. But any money raised needs to go to me. Leading a revolution is not cheap.

Miss Bliss, Walk into the light...not Lights. He's probably on Myspace hitting on you through your myspace page.

Alex Pendragon said...

I just sent a detailed report concerning the subversive activities of MySpace "bloggers" to Vice President Cheney's office, and have been assured that the problem is being looked into with extreme predudice. just saw a girl scout being plucked off the sidewalk into a black Escalade.....yea....little bitch shoulda known better than to write about how she was going to turn over her girl scout cooky money to stem cell research.....hehe....who's next...lesseeeee.......

R. said...

Tim id:
Ultimately, the only ones who lose are the providers (google and myspace) due to paying for the bandwidth wasted on DDOS's, flood posting and so on.

If you desire a gated community perhaps you could run your own moderated blog server. It's a big internet and as long as you have a static IP address you can pretty much provide any service that doesn't violate your ISP's TOS. All you need for your revolution is an old pentium and electricity. The software (OpenBSD + SSH + Apache + Blog Software) is all open source and free to download (donations appreciated of course.) Add a subdomain to ( that points to your server's IP address and viola.

Why can't people who want to get laid have their own place? Didn't some guy some where in some past ask: "Can't we all just get along?"

Time said...

Brother Michael, Welcome to the revolution.

R. Uh, yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'll let Shandi respond to the comment.

Whitesnake said...

Blogging beautifully put!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember that guy. I wouldn't sleep with him either.

I have no problem with myspacers wanting to get laid. We REAL bloggers want to get laid too, but we have enough intelligence to intrigue first with a bit of language skills. We all know I have a geek fetish. All the best geeks are found on blogger. ;-)

Time said...

Whitesnake, may the blog be with you.

You go Sister Shandi!

JP (mom) said...

All I can say is, "Hell Ya!"