Thursday, January 25, 2024

A noteworthy idea


I know this is pretty obscure unless you have ever studied music. But I'm pretty proud of it anyway. It's the kind of t-shirt someone in high school would wear and get (or get and wear). It started out with just the idea of a "flat" tire. Then the "sharp" turn came to me. But the light bulb really went on when it dawned on me that an "accidental" in music referred to a sharp or flat note that doesn't appear in the key signature. 

I guess you'd have to have spent seven years in band during elementary, junior high and high school to think it's funny. But as with my blog, I specialize in the random in my design storefront.

I sold two more t-shirts today.  

Okay, I bought two more of my own t-shirt designs today. But I really do want to see how they translate from the computer screen to a physical t-shirt. That's the downside of You don't get feedback about what designs can be printed and which ones are too complicated.

I also wonder if anyone besides artists who post designs on the site actually go there looking for things to buy. The odd thing about the way markets the place is that they inundate anyone who goes or shops there with emails and texts. And they don't seem to draw a distinction between the designers and shoppers. Just going to my own storefront triggers umpteen emails from them asking me if I forgot something.

Something tells me is the t-shirt version of vanity press.


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