Monday, January 29, 2024

An explosive combination


I read an article just the other day about Preston, Idaho (the place the movie Napoleon Dynamite was filmed on a shoestring budget). The article was about how the movie still prompts tourism in the small rural town. People visit the high school and the tether ball pole Napoleon Dynamite played on.

Granted it has been years since I saw the movie. It was quirky and funny, but not enough so that I'd go out of my way to visit Preston. Ironically I have a half sister who grew up there and still lives there. I wrote about her in a post called Family back in 2018.  So go read about it if you are curious.

Even having a half sister living in Preston doesn't inspire me to visit there. Family or no family, it is still Idaho and I'm not a big fan. 

Regardless, the article helped inspire the above design. And I want to see the movie about Napoleon starring Joaquin  Phoenix.  It looks fascinating, especially since I thought Joaquin was starting to make Gary Busey look sane. Not too many people can play Johnny Cash and Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Anyway, it wasn't a stretch to imagine Napoleon with a stick of dynamite. It just seemed like something he might have done. He was a bit like Gary Busey, too.

All three of them are a few clowns shy of a circus (if you catch my drift).

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