Saturday, January 20, 2024

Pink Lloyd


This one came to me in the wee hours of the morning. It's Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future. I have to admit that it came to me because I bought a t-shirt a couple of years ago that had Pink Freud on it. I thought that was hilarious. I just hope this isn't too complicated for a t-shirt. 

I now have 40 designs in my storefront on I think that is pretty good for less than two weeks of deciding to try my hand at creating and selling designs. In addition to t-shirts you can have them put on phone covers, magnets, stickers, coffee cups, tote bags and pillows. 

And to think this all used to have to be done by silk screening. 

We've come a long way baby (which used to be the slogan for Virginia Slim cigarettes that were targeted towards women and congratulating them for being able to have their own cigarettes and die from lung cancer just like men). Technically it was "You've come a long way baby."

We have come a long way since they can't advertise cigarettes on television anymore. Not that there is technically any television to advertise on anymore. But you still can't advertise cigarettes on streaming services (that I know of). Not that they need to advertise. Tobacco companies seemed to still cigarettes just fine after their ads were banned. 

That doesn't really bolster the ad industry, now, does it. 

And do people still smoke? I get the sense that it was replaced with vaping which is still bad for you but doesn't stink quite as bad. 

Not that any of this has anything to doe with Christopher Lloyd, pink or not. I don't think he is a smoker. 

But I digress.

Which could make a pretty good t-shirt slogan.

Damn I'm good.

Or I think I am.

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