Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Resolution revolution

 I sort of had this idea that it would be cool if I resolved to write a post a day in 2024. But my track record with resolutions and doing anything because I have to isn't really great. I did have a great idea for a post today, but it  has required a lot more Photoshop work than I anticipated and I have had to postpone it until tomorrow.

Still, I felt compelled to try and post for at least the second day in a row for 2024 even it is a lame post about maybe resolving to post every day (which I am pretty damned sure I won't achieve). It's not that I couldn't do it. It is just squeezing time in between the nasty commitments of work and chores and eating and going to the bathroom and playing with my dog.

Oh and I like surfing eBay. 

But who knows. This may be the record year of unread blog posts instead of unwritten blog posts.

It could happen.

Author's note: I checked in with ChatGPT and apparently:

"Resolution Revolution" emphasizes a significant leap forward in the ability to visualize and capture details, whether in the realm of biological research or in the digital imaging and display technologies that have become integral parts of our daily lives.

Rest assured that, despite the random image above, Resolution Revolution had (or has) nothing to do with this blog post. If you came here looking for information about it, I can honestly say I was just wasting your time.

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