Friday, January 19, 2024

I'm Walken here...


Okay, tell me this isn't funny! Christopher Walken seems to be okay to spoof on t-shirts. At least there are several versions on I hesitate to post this on Twitter X or Instagram for fear someone will narc on me. And so far, I think this is some of my best work.

I think more and more I should have become and artist instead of a writer. Neither profession leads to major riches, but at least art makes you feel a bit more like you created something than writing (at least my kind of writing). I've always enjoyed creating Photoshop stuff more than the writing part. 

Again, I would probably buy this t-shirt. I want to see how my Dizgraceland t-shirt turns out though, before I spend anymore money. 

Last night I went to bed feeling like I'd run out of ideas for the storefront. Then once again I woke up at 4 or 5 a.m. and ideas started popping in my head. I published five in the store today. I think that is pretty good.

Still, I'll never get rich even producing topnotch content like this. I think it may be a pyramid scheme.

Get it?

I do crack myself up.

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