Sunday, February 18, 2024

Be absurd

 Who says I can do your high brow humor? Though I did have to do a bit of research when I was working on this design. I always thought Albert Camus was an existentialist. Turns out he was more of an absurdist. 

Jokes on me. I don't see much of a difference between the two. 

I actually thought this was pretty good likeness of Camus (if he was a cow or a vache in French). I wonder if French cows say, "Moo." Or are they snobs like the rest of the French when it comes to their language.

I think Camus would have appreciated the absurdity of his image on a t-shirt as a cow. I find it interesting that Camus died in an automobile accident when he was 46. So he didn't get to test his theories of the meaninglessness of life if he had grown old and really had to get used to the inevitability of dying. And from what I've read, Camus was a passenger in the automobile he died in and was killed instantly. So he didn't even get an "Oh, shit" moment when he died. 

That is absurd.

And speaking of absurd, I have say something about Trump introducing his own line of sneakers. Not only is that a ridiculous thing for him to do, but they are these trashy gold lame things with an American flag on them. Who would wear that crap, especially at $300 a pair?

I think that would be too absurd even for Camus, or Camoo.

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