Monday, February 05, 2024

Weep no more


Read how Trump is saying how he makes grown men cry when they meet him. They are so grateful for he has done. It is the same lie he told in the last two elections. And people were posting on social media how full of it he is. 

So I created this t-shirt design and posted it on Twitter X. 

No response.

I thought I might at least get trolled by Trumpites. But even they can't be bothered reading my posts (or buying t-shirts that make fun of their hero).

In retrospect, I'm not sure I want people walking around wearing a t-shirt of me crying on it. Not that it is really a photo of me crying. I don't cry much. It has nothing to do with being macho or testosteronee. I just don't cry. 

And the Bell's Palsy drys out my eyes anyway. Crying would be a relief. Though it is getting much better. The acupuncture seems to have helped.  The right side of my face doesn't droop nearly as much and my smile, though still lopsided, doesn't look so much like a pirate sneer anymore. 

I miss that pirate sneer.

I am sure you are wondering whether Top Pot Doughnuts regretted the wrong they did me by not acknowledging that I came up with the name for their doughnut holes.  Well, so far no. And I've dissed them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter X. They should be cowering in fear by now of the wraith I am bringing down.

But no. They are probably just tired of the hole thing.

Bastards. As you can see, I posted a link to their webpage in case my throngs of readers want to inundate them with protests on my behalf.

If they don't respond soon, I'm going to design a t-shirt to shame them. That will show them when thousands of people show up in their doughnut shops wearing  a "Don't be assholes Top Pot. Give Tim the credit he is due" t-shirt.

Or at least a free doughnut.

Attica, Attica, Attica!

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