Thursday, February 08, 2024

Kill your TV

 This image comes from my trip to Memphis back in 2018. The "KILL YOUR TV" was graffiti on the side of a building near the water in downtown Memphis. The television was a television in one of the Elvis museums at Graceland. He had shot it after seeing Robert Goulet on it (he didn't like Robert Goulet).

Together they make one hell of t-shirt art. Hell, they make great art, period.

But I would only kill my TV if it was the old tube variety. You should love your big, flat screen television.

I've uploaded 107 designs on and still I am the only one who has bought any t-shirts. The recommendation from the experts you Google on how to market your unique t-shirt designs online is to use social media. I've posted umpteen designs on Twitter X, Facebook and Instagram and hashtagged the hell out of them and still nada.

I think the world is too focused on Trump and the Supreme Court.

But apparently not enough to appreciate a "Meet the Supremes Court" t-shirt. If I could get one of the Supreme Court Justices to wear one on television I bet you I'd be selling them hand over fist (whatever that means). Not sure how you get Supreme Court Justices to wear your t-shirts but I'm sure it isn't easy. I think if they are going to accept freebee's it's going be trips to the Bahamas and not a t-shirt. Justice Thomas can attest to that.

I know I just need to be patient with my design obsession. After all, my blog didn't just take off in a few weeks. And look how successful it is.


Pause for lugubrious howl.

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