Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Dance like no one is listening


I guess the question is, if you are bad at something, should you really be doing it? I know the glass half full mamby pamby people would say yes. I'm not so sure.

I went to one too many concerts in my youth where there always seemed to be some idiot dancing over in the aisle on the side of the theater. They often had scarfs. I imagine they also often had taken acid.  But regardless, they were never people I wanted to watch dance...or sing...or sit for that matter.

Perhaps the lord watches over the oblivious and those who can't dance.  

I wouldn't say I can't dance. I also wouldn't say I can dance. I grew up in the 70s and 80s when dancing was just moving around randomly to music. Disco snuck in there at one point but we all try to forget that.

I did take swing dance lessons once. And I learned the Macarena on several cruises. I also took waltz lessons before my daughter's Quinceanera.  

None of these lessons were terribly successful.

So I don't generally dance.

I do remember liking slow dances when I was in junior high and we had these afternoon sock hops in the gym. I used to try and ask girls I like to fast dance and hope it would transition into a slow dance. It was an opportunity to actually hold a girl and sway a bit. This strategy worked a few times. I always came away from the slow dances thinking I was practically engaged to the girl. They never seemed to share the importance I projected onto slow dancing (or asking them to dance period).

I don't think girls during that time had the same anxiety as boys did about asking girls to dance. Or talking to them for that matter. It was something that never became easier for me over the years  until perhaps now when I am old and no one particularly thinks I exist. So talking to them is of little consequences.

And I can't imagine asking anyone but my wife to dance anymore anyway. But at least I have a 50/50 chance of her saying yes.

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