Thursday, February 01, 2024

Get your damned shrimp paw off from me


Sea Monkeys were the subject of one of my early posts back in March 2005. So we have a long history (especially if you read the post and sense my bitterness at ordering sea monkeys expecting cute little trainable critters and discovering they are really just brine shrimp).

But I think this makes a pretty cool t-shirt that probably isn't totally understood by anyone under 60. It is a scene from Soylent Green, a science fiction picture starring Charleton Heston as a futuristic cop who discovers people on an over populated are being turned into food. At one point in the movie he is surrounded by crowds and screams, "Soylent Green is people!"

Sorry about the spoiler. But it is a classic scene. So using it to expose the sham identity of sea monkeys tickles me pink. And the fact that Charleton Heston also starred in the original Planet of the Apes is a bonus joke to me.  Pity very few will get it.

Such is the life of a 65-year old creative genius who will likely not be recognized in his life or anyone elses.

Still the t-shirt would be a great conversation starter (if anyone commented on t-shirts). I've been wearing my "Walken Like an Egyptian" shirt all day and nada. 

I really know what Vincent Van Gogh felt like.

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