Saturday, February 10, 2024

Playing with the bard

A bard historically refers to a poet, storyteller, or musician who composes and recites epic poems, ballads, and songs, often accompanying themselves on a musical instrument.

--ChatGPTy Kathy

I actually would actually refer to myself as a bard of sorts. At least the storyteller and musician part. I still despise poetry. But I do play the guitar. I just don't write anything. Well, there was that country song, Take T out of Trust. Though my old friend Michael planted that seed years ago. I just finished the song. Never really put it to music.

I swear I posted that song but I can't find it in my old posts. But I did find it in a word document:

Take “T” out of Trust

Take "T" out of Trust,
And all you're left with is rust.
Like this old pick-up truck,
Broke down, out of luck.

Take you out of we,

And all I'm left with is me.
Sitting here all alone,
Staring hard at the phone.

Take a swig out this glass,
And let this memory pass.
When you walked out that door,
With just a note on the floor.

Take "W" out of "Will,"

And what you're left with is "ill."
That's what this song's making me,
So, I'll let it be.

 Truth be told, all Michael did was come up with the first line. I fleshed it out. If I could sing and write music I'd take it somewhere. It could be as successful as my writing and t-shirt design careers.

I'm hoping none of you steal the song and send it to Taylor Swift to record. That would be annoying. It would be like the Top Pot Doughnut people stealing my doughnut hole name. Though they finally got back to me and said more than a dozen people came up with the same name in the contest and they made it clear the contest winner wouldn't have the name they submitted used. 

I am willing to bet I was one of the first of those dozens of people to submit the Pot Hole name. But Top Pot will never admit that. I did ask them why they bothered having a contest if they weren't actually going to use it to select a name. They didn't respond. 

So I've sort of let that go. But here's another t-shirt design in the same vein as The Bard Sale

You have to be a hardcore thrift store person to understand it. I'm assuming Goodwill stores are all over the country and most people know it is a store that resells donations. All of the merch is color tagged. Each week they mark down a different color tag each day starting with 30 percent off and working up to 70 percent off. 

The thing is you can rarely find a tag with the color they have marked down and if you do it is some piece of crap that has missing parts or is so useless even your usual thrift store customer turns their nose up at it. But it is fun to look.

You see, my retirement plan includes finding stuff at thrift stores that are "collectibles" (in the loosest  sense of the word) and flipping them on eBay for major profit. 

So the Goodwill Hunting t-shirt has sentimental meaning to me. My fear though is that if I ever sell one I will find it blue tagged at Goodwill at 70 percent off.

Signing off with major lugubrious gibberish howling.


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