Monday, April 29, 2024



I partially read another article on Apple News today that texting people the single word "Hey" creates anxiety in people. This surprised me because I get these types of texts quite often from telephone numbers I don't recognize and if I respond with my usual witty responses like the one above, they usually respond with an offer to send me photos. This is where I block them and report them as scammers because I'm assuming they aren't going to send me photos of their cat and whatever I respond the next request will likely be for cash.

But hey.

This design started out with the idea to quote Dory from Finding Nemo about "Just keep swimming." But then I Googled it and found out a shitload of people have already done that shirt. So I messed around with Art AI and a design for "Just keep treading water" and it was having trouble with the concept and kept giving me images of what looked like synchronized swimming teams (which really didn't make any sense even for someone with artificial intelligence). Finally I prompted it (it hasn't shared any pronouns with me so I need to refer to Art AI as it)  to give me a design for "Only dead fish go with the stream." It came up with some goods ones. I half expected images of dead, bloated fish bodies bobbing along on a stream but Art was being a bit more creative.

I like that this fish is contemplating the whole concept of going with the stream. Because at some point in your life you need to choose the path you are going to take.

Which will you choose?

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