Sunday, April 07, 2024

I am the walrus?


Even John Lennon said that the lyrics of the song I am the Walrus didn't really mean anything. Though Goo Goo G'Joob does seem full of deep meaning. Art AI had difficulty repeating it. It doesn't seem to like to violate grammar and spelling rules. But to be a true artist, you have to do both. I just wish it would simply print headlines exactly the way I dictate them. But it can't seem to do that.

It had trouble with this one too. 

It kept wanting to say, "Those Thar Cookies" instead of "Them Thar."  It also had difficulty with drawing fortune cookies and a gold mining pan. It kept wanting to put the cookies in wok with handles and many of the cookies looked more like slugs or biscuits. But I prevailed. I can't complain too much about the time I spend fixing the art Art AI gives me. It does do a lion's share of the work. And I feel more like it is my art when I spend time reworking it.

Art AI also had difficulty reproducing bodily functions like a dog pooping in the grass that I asked it for in the grassroots movement design. And today I asked it for a male dog lifting its leg to pee on a fire hydrant.  I get the sense that AI's prime directive is not to reproduce animals or people relieving themselves. 

I asked it to show a male dog lifting its leg peeing on a tree, a fire hydrant, a signpost, a bush and a car tire. It kept giving me dogs standing sheepishly next to the items. A few times it had the dog legs twisted in weird contortions. I finally asked for this version with just the items I wanted pissed on. Then I asked for a new design with just a male dog lifting one rear leg to pee on a fire hydrant. It came close, but the dog only had three legs and it is lifting a leg but there is no pee. I added a leg and copied the image onto the fire hydrant image of the main design. I gave up on showing pee. It doesn't really add anything.

But it pissed me off.

If you don't get this design, it is a parody of a Dr. Seuss book called Oh the Places You'll go. It was an inspirational book he published in 1990 to inspire young people graduating from high school. I got a kick out of a mother dog inspiring her puppy with the places it will literally go (as long as it doesn't have to rely on Art AI to have it lift its leg to pee).

I wonder if anyone will get it...or get it (if you catch my drift).

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