Friday, April 19, 2024

Small talk, little brain


I remember posting years ago about how much I despise small talk. I especially don't like small talk that is supposed to be funny. Like last weekend I mowed my front lawn and was about to put my lawnmower away in my garage. I had ear buds in and was listening to music but I heard someone shouting at me. I pulled an ear bud out and heard my neighbor shouting, "Don't put it away yet, you still have to mow my lawn."

I smiled politely and muttered something about leaving it out so he could do it. But I was picturing him on the Plague Chiropractor's rack being realigned for uttering stupid small talk gibberish and trying to be funny. I was grateful I wasn't holding a bouquet of flowers or he would have screamed something about, "Are those for me, you shouldn't have."

I've discovered creating t-shirt designs that express my pet peeves are very cathartic if not profitable. 

I did manage to crank out 14 new designs today and increase my inventory to more than 500. I was able to express myself several times. For example, I don't like vegans.

And although it didn't start out to be a dump on Trump design, I did manage to create a zinger for the man based on the movie Sunset Boulevard with Gloria Swanson.

It does capture the essence of the man.

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