Thursday, April 04, 2024

Someone's knocking at the door


I was feeling Orwellian this morning so I created a couple of 1984 designs. I lived through 1984 and it wasn't really very dystopian. The world we live in now is pretty darned dystopian. I was driving my son to high school just over a week ago. They have installed these traffic cameras to cut down speeding through the school area.  I didn't really think much of it because I don't speed.  I have to turn into his school just a a short bit after the first camera so it didn't seem to be a problem.

Then yesterday I go a ticket in the mail for $135 for driving 27 mph through that area when apparently the light was flashing on the 20 mph sign a few feet from where I turn in to drop him at the school. So I had been slowing down from the posted 30 mph in the zone just before the school when the camera caught me. You can see my break lights on. 

You can either pay the ticket, ask to explain it to a judge or fight it. I am belligerent enough about it to want to at least explain that I was coming out of a 30 mph zone, slowing down to pull into the school driveway so I wasn't speeding through the area. I think $135 is excessive for the infraction, especially since I haven't had a speeding ticket for about 40 years. But I'm not sure it is worth my time to drag myself into court to bitch about it.

The other thing I'm pissed about today is that pulled another t-shirt design because of an intellectual property complaint. It was the hunchback of Notre Dame football design.  Jesus. Like Notre Dame hasn't got bigger fish to fry than hunting down an image of a hunchback playing football. I wonder if they have even aware of Victor Hugo's book.

Screw them. I posted 12 new designs today to make up for it. I was tempted to repost the hunchback design but change the locker room to a church and the coaches to priests. But it doesn't seem worth the effort. It wasn't like anyone was buying that particular design anyway.

I'm also pissed at Amazon. I ordered flowers for my wife for our anniversary. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday on our anniversary. They were delayed and delivered today. I tried complaining and asking for a refund because the flowers looked a bit worse for wear. But I got thrown into Amazon's version of an online phone tree maze. and told the item wasn't returnable but I could contact their customer service if I had questions. That sent me down several rabbit holes.

I should start my own grassroots movement to protest.

Oh well, shit happens.

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