Saturday, April 20, 2024

Yes, me worry


I am not sure who remembers Alfred E. Neuman and his famous "What me worry?" line from Mad Magazine. He always had this optimistic dumb grin on his face (which looked suspiciously like Howdy Doody). I decided to picture Alfred E. Neuman in the current environment looking worried.

It's a niche design I know. But I think I am going to corner the market on obscure designs that few get or remember the references who are still alive.

I was a bit less profound with designs today. Partially it was a nice day and I took a break to mow my lawn.  But I still managed a few including this one which I really hope doesn't set off the fringe nut jobs.

I suppose it can be interpreted a few different ways. But it has an American flag on it so it should appeal to some out there. If someone calls me on it, I can just pretend to be French and laugh a guttural laugh while scrunchin gup my face. 

Then I will just say, "Pardon my French," and walk away.

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