Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Rocky Raccoon fell into the room...


I have always liked raccoons. I red the Sterling North book Rascal and watched the Disney film in 1969 and was convinced I should have a pet raccoon. My parents agreed I could if I raised the money to buy one myself (they didn't think I could save the money). At the time I think it was about $30. I mowed lawns and saved birthday money and saved up the $30 and my parents were freaking out. They convinced me that it would take a lot of work to have a pet raccoon. So they bought me a guinea pig instead. 

It wasn't the same thing.

When I moved to Seattle in the 80s I discovered that there were tons of raccoons living in the area. I remember watching a raccoon come in through my cat door one night while I sat watching television. It walked by me and proceeded to go to the cat food dish and eat all of the cat food.

Raccoons have balls.

I have also liked the song Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles (or more specifically Paul McCartney). So I had this idea to ask Art AI to create real Rocky Raccoon. It gave me some cool images including the one above. Then it dawned on me, wouldn't it be cool to have a Rocky, ala Sylvester Stallone, Raccoon.

It does the Italian Stallion proud. Though it does look a bit like the raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy

Me and Art AI were pumping out designs today. I added 12 to my storefront. Most of them were animal related. In addition to raccoons, I posted a few about porcupines (and pricks), one about a goose and one about the creature from the Black Lagoon. 

Looks pretty nice. I think I could use a holiday myself. 

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