Friday, February 03, 2006

Please save the bloggers: A public pamphlet about Blog depression

I found this informative public service pamphlet about Blog depression
that I think all of my fellow bloggers need to see. God knows I've had my bouts of blog depression. Now I know I'm not alone.

My first attack was maybe a month and a half after I started blogging. In October of 2004 I wrote, "To Blog or not to blog." I touched on it again in November 2005 when I wrote, "Where have all the bloggers gone?" So imagine how happy I was to discover my own blogger depression was shared by millions of other bloggers. Misery loves company.

I think there should be a foundation started to save the depressed bloggers. Maybe Sally Struthers could be the spokes person, "Pleeze, save the the depressed bloggers." Though have you seen Sally Struthers lately? I think she may have been eating some of the starving children, so maybe not a good choice.

Anyway, read the public service pamphlet. It think it will help.


Alex Pendragon said...

Jesus Christ! I turn my back on you for a day and I return with what appears to be a weeks worth of posts! This really salts the wound of my oath to become the most prolific blogger the world has ever known. This is proof positive that YOU are actually Lights, The Michael, and who knows who else. To think that I have been YOUR creation all this time has challenged my whole understanding of my existence! Well, fine, now that we have a working theory of the true identity of THE Michael, I can rely on it to focus blame for his pathetic lack of writting ability, poor choice of vocabulary, and an irritating tendency to rant and rave about the silliest things.
And thanks for pointing out my depression. I was in a comfortable denial untill you brought it to the forefront. Great posts tho!

Time said...

Why thank you the Michael (or whoever you are). But I think I have already established that Shandi is Lights and they both are Stephan King.

Naughti Biscotti said...

That was a great pamphet. It's nice to know there is help out there. Funny as hell.

The blogosphere is amazing. A relatively new form of expression and mechanism for interacting and forming little communities. We all are experiencing similiar emotions tied to our blogs. Most of us feel at one time or another have felt like giving up. Some did.

Who knows, blogging may be something they'll talk about centuries from now... the trend of the first decade of 2000.

Since you have it all figured out Tim... do you have any idea who "leather squirrel" is? I have my suspicions about Gunter.

Anonymous said...

I am liking your blog. I myself, have no blog. I was sent to you by a friend. From one king to another, I bid you long days and pleasant nights, stranger.

Watch your back!

Alex Pendragon said...

I didn't post that comment!............did I?

Time said...

Shandights! Isn't it Serendipitious that we are suffering from a mental blight brought on by our common passion of blogging. I have to admit that I was bummed that someone else wrote the pamphlet. I sometimes forget that there are millions of people out there with a better sense of humor than mine who are much quicker, too.

I doubt if Leather Squirrel is Gunter. For one Gunter is too self-absorbed and egotistical to hide his identity and the man's English sucks. I'd watch Mank the Spank, though. Never trust a mechanical monkey.

Cherish, fortunately the pamphlet provides non-drug methods of staving off blogger depression. But what is the fun in a non-drug method? :}

So, Lightandi, Was that a threat, eh? All I can say is that it is about time you went for the braces so that your face won't be the most frighten part of your book's dustjackets.

And Mr. R. Bachman. I didn't just fall off the potato truck yesterday. I know Stephan King's alter ego in cheezy horror novels is Richard Bachman. You threatened the wrong whack job this time. Wait, is that a passenger van approaching from behind you?